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12 - 15 Custom Temporary Tattoos perfect for a Bachelor Party! Wear them on your wrists and go get 'em guys! You'll receive 14 tattoos that say "I belong with..." and 1 for the groom that says "It's MY bachelorette party". 

- OR -

You can have your tattoos a little bigger and receive 12 tattoos total: 11 for the party, and 1 for the groom, or however you'd like to split it up.
* 15 Tattoos order: approximately 1.6"
* 12 Tattoo order: approximately 1.75"

Packaged with a little dehydrated sponge, so you can just add water and apply on the go! Please give us the bride’s NAME and DATE you need to receive your order by in the notes section at checkout!


* Processing time is 3 business days BEFORE shipping (Monday-Friday)

* The date will not be printed on your tattoos.

* We are not able to do partial orders.

* Tattoos are not waterproof, just for funzies!

* All tattoos in your order will be packaged together unless otherwise noted which will require a small charge.

* If you order multiple quantities you will get TWO groom tattoos unless otherwise specified.